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What Our Customers Say...

What I love about the Amberleaf clothing is the workmanship.  Each item I've purchased is so beautifully made.  The fabrics are exquisite.  I purchased a white dress recently that makes me look and feel fantastic! 

Rebecca W.

The Amberleaf team not only dresses me well for important events, but takes a personal interest in making sure I am best prepared and putting my best self forward.  Lisa and Liz have become my family and true supporters of not only individual clients, but their work with philanthropic organizations and giving back to the communities they serve is second to none.

Lisa M.

I love the quality of the construction, the fit, the designs, the price and the customer service.  Amberleaf dresses are my go to dresses and coats in my closet.

Diann W.

I was at the Texas Women’s Conference in November and saw the Amberleaf booth. COMPLETELY fell in love with a long, raspberry hooded gorgeous coat. In December, I contacted Liz and ordered it and she provided such incredible customer service, allowing me to come try on sizes and styles. I custom ordered the coat in my size and she hand delivered it to me!! I get compliments on my coat DAILY and I feel like a Hollywood goddess every time I slip it on!!!! Thank you!!!

Bekkah S.

The Amberleaf team creates a wonderful shopping experience whether it is an event, trunk show or individual experience. Their designs are polished, sophisticated and fresh. I love that I'm able to order the exact dress or coat I want in the fabric I want. I currently have a white coat in a beautiful tufted fabric and I know I will be a customer again.

Katie B.

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