What does Fashion mean to us?

“Fashion is the ability to convey who you are without any words. To me, it meant showing the world that I am a confident woman, I should be taken seriously, but also that I like a little bit of flare. I also like the ability to change from day to night without having to change the entire outfit. When I wear Amberleaf I know that I am wearing quality, hand-made clothing that can easily switch from day to night and will always reflect my style. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on clothing that will fall out of trend my Amberleaf clothing will always look stylish and will last.”
-Liz, C.M.O. at Amberleaf
“How you drape yourself is a reflection of what is on the inside. Are you strong, confident, smart, fun, creative, powerful? Fashion helps you communicate to the world what YOU want everyone to see.”



Here at Amberleaf we know how frustrating it is to buy clothes that fall apart after a few uses or are no longer in style as the next year rolls around. We believe that clothes should last forever not only in construction, but style as well. Our Classic lines ensure that years from now your dress, coat, or suit will still fit into that time period and our excellent craftsmanship and fabrics ensure that it will still be wearable. By creating clothes that outlast trends and survive years, we hope to do our part to combat 26 billion pounds of clothes that are thrown each year in the United States alone.


At Amberleaf we are rethinking craftsmanship. In a world where fast fashion dominates, we are eager to take a step back and reconfigure the process to create a beautifully earnest product. We take pride in our accomplished artisans that handcraft each and every one of our timeless pieces. Our philosophy will always be quality people, quality materials, and quality first. 


Great products start with great design. We concentrate on creating products that are “designed to last.” Our pieces are timeless staples that you will reach for again and again—a beautiful design to last you a lifetime.


Our team is our greatest resource. We have the pleasure of creating with some of the greatest tailors and designers to bring you the highest quality product possible.


True luxury starts here. Our high-quality standards limit us to hand select only the finest fabrics from markets around the world.


Made by hand. A large portion of our work is done by hand, and we never outsource any part of our production process. Quality control in its truest form.


We want you to be delighted with your Amberleaf products and the experience you have with our business. Like any great relationship, we hope you will tell your friends about us. 

If there is any reason you are dissatisfied, we want to know about it.

Please feel free to contact us at any time at support@amberleaf.com.