Welcome to Amberleaf!

We are a mother-daughter company that designs and produces Classic Clothing for the Modern Woman.

Here at Amberleaf we believe that every woman is beautiful and that every woman deserves classic clothing that can be styled in a way to reflect her personal aesthetic. Non-generational, foundational, hand-made, beautiful clothing that will outlast trends and always be in style.

What is an Amberleaf?

It is a changing leaf, a piece of nature that reflects a changing of the season. The same can be said of our clothes.

We create beautiful handmade pieces that can be styled in in many ways to reflect your growing personal aesthetic. The classic lines of our pieces allow them to be worn many different ways on multiple different occasions over many years.

The foundational nature of our clothing ensures that this will be a piece you keep forever because it will never go out of style and will last because it is hand-made with high-quality materials.

-Lisa & Liz